Membership Levels

 Membership Levels
 Annual Fees
 IP Rights    
 TEC Member*
 Size Eligibility**
 Non-IP Silver
$1000/per Step***
< 100
 Silver  $10,000
 < 500
 Gold  $15,000
 >= 500
 Premium  $25,000
 Any Size

*TEC – Technical Executive Committee: The TEC has additional opportunities to meet directly with TANMS leadership to provide input.

**Size Eligibility: Refers to the number of employees at member institution and is used to determine annual fees for Membership Levels. Fees are structured to encourage membership from the full spectrum of company sizes.

***Step: For purposes of calculating membership fees, a step is 10 employees. For example, 1-10 employees is one step, 11 to 20 employees is two steps, etc. Upon Center approval, small companies with fewer than 100 employees may have reduced membership fees. The prorated membership fees will be $1000 annually per step, i.e. $1000 for one step, $2000 for two steps, etc.

In addition, Non-IP Silver Members can, subject to Center approval, request a $500 first year reduced membership fee.

Membership at the reduced rate, i.e. Non-IP Silver, does not include Right of First Offer Intellectual Property benefits extended to other membership levels.

For more information please contact:

Tom Normand
Director of Industrial Relations
Phone: (310) 825-7855