Membership Benefits

Representation on the TANMS Industrial Advisory Board

Each industry affiliate member receives one seat on the TANMS Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) which provides guidance in strategic direction and research influence.  

Representation on the TANMS Technical Executive Committee (TEC)

Members at the Premium Level are invited to participate on the Technical Executive Committee (TEC), which meets with the TANMS leadership independently twice annually to provide their recommendations on center direction and research activities.

Intellectual Property Access

Industrial affiliate members receive intellectual property rights as set forth in Section 3 of the TANMS Industry Membership Agreement.  Members receive early notice of invention disclosures and priority licensing rights (unless otherwise noted in membership agreement).  Members also gain access to TANMS restricted archives containing downloadable files, publications, pre-publication results, presentation recordings, etc. 

Exclusive Center Event Participation

Members participate in semi-annual Industrial Advisory Board meetings which review and evaluate Center progress and provide guidance on research direction and center priorities.  Members are also invited to participate in regular Thrust Meetings that report on research strategies and results, the Center's Annual Review Site Visits, and various Center-hosted workshops and events.  

Skilled-Workforce Recruiting

Industry members gain access to early recruitment of well-rounded graduate student talents developed within TANMS.  In addition to institutional-based curriculum at each campus, TANMS students receive a systems engineering experience and cross-disciplinary education in engineering, research, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

Industry members become part of an international network comprised of renowned faculty, scientists, students, and industry professionals.  Companies have the opportunity to send Visiting Scientists to collaborate on research projects at a TANMS institution (additional institution-based agreements for visiting scientists required).  

Leveraging Funds

In 2014-15, TANMS ERC has a total operational funding of approximately $4.5M.  The $25,000 Premium Membership fee would be leveraged 180:1.

Standard Industry Membership Agreement