About TANMS Engineering Research Center 

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The Nanosystems ERC for Translational Applications of Nanoscale Multiferroic Systems (TANMS) is a multi-institutional Engineering Research Center focusing on research, technology translation, and education associated with magnetism on the small scale. TANMS’s vision is to develop a fundamentally new approach coupling electricity to magnetism using engineered nanoscale multiferroic elements to enable increased energy efficiency, reduced physical size, and increased power output in consumer electronics. This new nanoscale multiferroic approach overcomes the scaling limitations present in the century-old mechanism to control magnetism that was originally discovered by Oersted in 1820. TANMS’s goals are to translate its research discoveries on nanoscale multiferroics to industry while seamlessly integrating a cradle-to-career education philosophy involving all of its students and future engineers in unique research and entrepreneurial experiences. 

 Founded In:        September, 2012 
 Lead Institution:     University of California, Los Angeles     10 faculty researchers, 4 post-doctorate researchers, 25 graduate student researchers
 Partner Institutions: University of California, Berkeley
 Cornell University
 California State University, Northridge
 Northeastern University
 University of Texas at Dallas
 3 faculty researchers, 2 post-doctorate researchers, 4 graduate student researchers 
 2 faculty researchers, 1 post-doctorate researcher, 7 graduate student researchers
 3 faculty researchers, 3 post-doctorate researchers, 3 graduate student researchers 
 1 faculty researcher, 1 graduate student researcher
 1 faculty researcher, 2 graduate student researchers
 International Collaborators: Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany
 Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
 ETH Zurich
 Scientific Advisory Board: NASA
 Naval Surface Warfare Center
 Lawrence Livermore
 Brookhaven National Laboratory
 HRL Laboratories
 NAVFAC Engineering Expeditionary Warfare Center
 Approximate Total Funding: Project Year 1 (2012-13) - $4,000,000
 Project Year 2 (2013-14) - $4,250,000
 Project Year 3 (2014-15) - $4,500,000
 Project Year 4 (2015-16) - $5,000,000
 Project Year 5 (2016-17) - $5,000,000
Funding considered consist of core funding from NSF, mandatory institutional matching at a minimum of 20%, and various program income.  

Industrial Affiliates Program

The translation of our research to practical applications relies on TANMS core industrial affiliates. Industry members supply the funding and commercial experience needed to turn TANMS research results into new products, which benefit consumers on a global scale. Our industry relations also offer opportunities for students in our educational program to view the commercial aspects of engineering, whilst gaining valuable industry experience.

List of Current Members